Saturday, October 9, 2010

Watch him Pull a Trick out of his Hat

I am such a huge youth soccer fan. There is very little I enjoy more than pacing up and down the field, following Youngest and his team back and forth and back and forth, shouting and whooping as appropriate.

The experience has been enhanced this year because the league finally got wise to how annoying and interfering parents can be. [Guilty, I suppose, to a degree.] They now have all the players and coaches on one side of the field and all spectators across the way. The team banners are placed with the players, so the parents mingle with each other, rooting for opposing teams, up and down the sideline.

It is the U10 league, after all, which means I yell, "Nice stop, goalie" or "Great goal, boy" or "What a kick, kid" to players on both teams. Am I more partial to Youngest and his team? Hell, yeah. But I acknowledge that these are all just third-grade and fourth-grade boys. And when someone does well, they should hear it from everywhere, so when I shout, "Whoo-hoot" when Youngest scores and then scores again and then scores again, all in the span of five minutes, it's okay.

The man at the far end of the field, sitting with his pal as his son Nico plays, screams at his kid as he tries to defend. He drops f-bombs about people thinking their kid is better than someone else's kid. He and his buddy bitch about how everyone thinks they're so special, when in Mexico, it's just a dirt field, and the kids play much better.

My son performed a hat trick. And not just any old hat trick, he made a flawless hat trick, meaning he scored three goals in a single period. Hell, he did it in less than five minutes. So happy for him.

And so sorry for Nico that his dad, quite frankly, sucks. I saw them leaving the field, the father berating him for missed kicks and poor defense and on and on and on.

My kid isn't better than his. But I know my kid's dad is better than Nico's dad.


mayberry said...

I just need to say that I love your label, "bad parents." Amen to that.

Tara R. said...

Being a avid soccer family too, it infuriates me how some parents act. These are just kids! This is the time when they are learning the game, learning how to work as a team.

My husband played, coached and now officiates soccer games. I would love it if some parents could be given yellow and red cards for being offensive.

(Congrats on the hat trick! That is awesome!)

Patois42 said...

Mayberry Mom, yeah, it's definitely one to use again and again!

Tara, I think carding parents is a fabulous idea!

Mrs4444 said...

That's just wrong. I feel so sorry for Nico, and I love that you cheer for both teams; that's what good sportsmanship is all about.

Patois42 said...

Mrs4444, I often wonder whether I'd make things worse for a kid in such a situation by mustering up the guts to confront the parent. That fear -- and my fear of some wingnut doing me and mine harm as well -- leaves me only shooting dirty looks.

Anonymous said...

Your fear of wingnuts is well founded. In Lancaster in March of this year, a guy in a movie theater complained about a woman next to him who was using a cell phone during the movie. She and the two men she was with left. The men come back and one of them STABS the guy who complained in the throat with a MEAT THERMOMETER! I kid you not. Guy had serious injuries. After hearing that story (and confirming it), I am not so eager to point out people's rude or horrendous behavior. Problem? Then they'll never be called on it. Maybe I just have to start packing a meat thermometer when I decide to tell someone to shut their friggin' cell phone off!



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