Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Night of Imponderables

You know when you just are so clogged and you cough yourself awake, and then you get up to get rid of what you're coughing yourself awake with, and gunk comes pouring out your nose once you're no longer prone, so you have to get rid of that, too?

And you know how rather than go back to the bed you share with your spouse, you find an empty bed in the house and crawl into that to toss and turn and really make the dog, who was actually occupying said empty bed and has now moved over just enough for you to get under the covers, wish that she didn't always want your company because, with company like you, will she ever get back to sleep?

And you know how you then lie awake and get all clogged up again and repeat the cycle for an indeterminate amount of time, hardly ever staying prone for very long, and then you start to wonder if all the gelatin-like fluids coming out of you, coughed up or blown out, are actually the same material or does the act of going through your sinuses and dripping into, you're sure, your lungs add more to it then the garden-variety snot?

And you know how you then wonder if anyone has actually produced enough of that material to replace the original person, pod-people like?

And then you know how you wonder if someone were serious about collecting all of that said gunk and re-create herself, she would first need to find someone to make a mold, akin to a gelatin one, of her body?

That's the kind of night I had.

Bet you kind of wish I was still silent, blog-wise, eh?


Jomama said...

Ick. Thanks for sharing--SNOT!

Lori said...

yes, sometimes silence is golden.

mayberry said...

I have often pondered the provenance of all the gunk. But I've never gone the real distance to the human-shaped mold. I salute your (possibly feverish or Nyquilized) imagination.


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