Monday, November 1, 2010

The Non-Fan

It's crazy around these here parts, what with the San Francisco Giants on the cusp of winning their first World Series since the team moved to San Francisco decades ago. Everyone has Giants fever.

Except us.

I'm sorry, but we're not fans of the Giants. We don't watch baseball. The boys both played Little League, with Eldest doing five years and Youngest doing two. Eldest was soured on the game by an idiot of a coach his last year. Youngest is a soccer-crazy and, to a lesser extent, basketball-crazy  kid who can't possibly be expected to enjoy the horrifically slow pace of baseball.

None of us can fathom sitting through an entire game.


Yup, we're the un-Americans.

And add to that my utter disdain for the Giants organization, thanks to closely working with them at the San Francisco Chronicle, first as we partnered with them when Pac Bell SBC AT&T Park opened and then as the Barry Bonds steroids fiasco unfolded.

But everyone else around here, or so it seems, is clad in orange and black. The number of Linceum costumes at school on Friday was overwhelming. Trick-or-treating last night, everyone opened the door and told kids and parents what the score was and what inning it was.


And now the Giants look poised to win the World Series.

Who would have thought I would avoid all media outlets for weeks for a reason other than election time?


cjm said...

Being from Texas, I don't want them to win either. :)

S said...

Yeah. Our kids play soccer, not baseball. There's a reason for that. Yawn.

Patois42 said...

cjm, I know you're the big Rangers fan. Sorry for your loss.

slouchy, here's hoping the Giants fans who read my blog -- all three of them -- don't start spamming you for your honesty!

I played softball as a kid for a long time. I loved it. But the pitcher just pitched. And the batters just batted. There wasn't this eternity between each pitch.


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