Monday, January 31, 2011

The 10th Level of Hell

Otherwise known as School Districts.

Perhaps in our school district's eyes, they call that level Parents.

Parents have been sending emails to the superintendent -- some articulate and some angry and some articulate and angry and some misspelled and angry and so on -- regarding the decision to move all the kids from my daughter's closing middle school over to one of the two remaining middle schools while the other remaining middle school remains shockingly unaffected.

The superintendent has said repeatedly over the past couple of days that she heard from parents that they wanted their kids to stick together through their middle school years, and that's how she came up with her recommendation.

I have two reactions to that. First, don't close her middle school, then.

Second, what a crock. Who would possibly ever suggest that? It's insane, I tell you!

Oh. Two people have raised their hands to say, yes, we want that. The first said this:

There were a number of families who had gone to SUPERINTENDENT and suggested keeping all the SCHOOL kids together for the next two years would be a good idea. This was based on input from our kids (all 7th graders), who repeatedly said to us that they wanted to stay together for their last year of middle school. They may not represent all kids (or maybe not even a majority) but that's what we heard and were in the process of suggesting to the Board and staff before they shared last week's information. We all face a difficult situation for the next two years, and no perfect solution exists. Tuesday's meeting will certainly yield a variety of opinions, and it is possible no consensus will be reached so we'll all have to muddle through whatever the final decision is together.

Kumbaya, baby. In keeping with the PC way of saying, "Everyone is entitled to their opinions," let me just say, no, sorry, you're not entitled to it if it's idiotic.

I asked my 7th grader what she'd like to do, and she'd like to never have to go to school again. She'd also like to have a TV in her room, be able to have her own private Facebook page, have me buy her expensive clothes, let her take dance classes three hours each day every day of the week, and have her younger brother live somewhere else.

Oh, okay to all of that.

Poof! I am a wuss of a parent. But rather than just make this be true for my daughter, I'm going to have it be true for all of her classmates, too.

And, being the school district, rather than actually do any hard work in creating reasonable boundaries dictating where children should go to school, I'll take the wuss way out of that. At the same time that I am lying to you that I am redrawing boundaries.

It's an election year for the school board, with four of its seven seats up for grabs come November. The superintendent is retiring at the end of the school year. Let's just put off any serious consideration until after the elections then, shall we?

Like hell you will, baby.

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