Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Breaking Up is Actually Pretty Easy

My email to Daughter's Girl Scout leader, the woman who has held that position since Daughter was in first grade:

S., I can't adequately articulate how much I appreciate everything you've done for DAUGHTER and the other Girl Scouts through the years. She has had a blast, and so have I! (Even when my booth sales partners failed to show!)

I don't know how much, if anything, you've heard about DAUGHTER's and J.'s severing of their friendship. It built for years and finally came to a complete end early in the fall. They've kept their distance from each other -- which I have 100% encouraged as far as DAUGHTER is concerned -- and it's been much better for DAUGHTER.

I approached D. about moving DAUGHTER over to her troop awhile back, and it looks like she's going to be able to take her on. DAUGHTER and D.'s Girl have become fast friends and have done many Program Aide activities together. D.'s Girl is a doll, and is so definitely DAUGHTER's type.

Put those two things together -- a terminated friendship and a blossoming one -- and that's why we're going to leave your wonderful tutelage and switch over to D.'s troop.

I again thank you, in all sincerity, for everything you have done. You are amazing. You've done my daughter a fabulous service, and I feel truly bad that she won't be in your troop anymore.

And that wonderful now-ex Leader responded beautifully, encouraging Daughter to make the shift, and waxing eloquently about Daughter. In part, she said:

Thank you for filling me in, I wondered what was going on and am somewhat relieved to hear the explanation. I completely understand how relationship dynamics can affect a person’s experience in an activity and 100 percent support DAUGHTER’s switch to D.’s troop. They are very active and well organized and I am sure she will have a great experience there. It’s great that she wants to continue in Girl Scouting and that is really my primary goal as a leader – to ensure that every girl who wants to participate can do so, regardless of whether it’s with “my” troop.

So, we will look forward to seeing DAUGHTER at GS events and I hope you find a way to stay involved at whatever level works for you. It has been wonderful working with DAUGHTER (and you!!!!) for all this time, it’s incredible to think how long we have been together and I have enjoyed watching her mature and come into her own. She has truly been a pleasure with her positive spirit and willingness to try new things Please let her know there are absolutely no hard feelings! I look forward to working with her at day camp, if she can attend. 

I so LOVE -- yes, I know, I actually put the word in ALL CAPS -- when I can use the "good people" tag on a blog post.


Josie Two Shoes said...

This is a wonderful example of people at their very best, both you as a mom, supporting your child and taking the time to explain that choice, and the ex-leader for being so understanding of that choice and so gracious about your daughter. Win-win-win as I see it!! :-)

Tara R. said...

It does seem to be a win/win for your daughter. Sorry she had to change troops.

Patois42 said...

Far better for her, Tara. Definitely a win/win.

Josie, yeah, you're right: it's a triple win!


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