Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eye Rolling as a Dance Move

With all the rolling her hazel eyes can muster, Daughter asks Pete why I had to volunteer to help backstage at the 1 p.m. dance recital yesterday. [Fear not, this was asked before the recital.] He tells her that they need help and I am doing a nice thing by helping. Head tilted back, eye-rolling perfected, she exerts a heavy sigh and says, "Well, she'd better not do anything to embarrass me."

As if.

As if I would pass up the chance to do precisely that.

I did. Pass up the chance, I mean. In fact, we both did our very best performances backstage in the dressing room, executing the dance of mutual ignoring for all to behold.

What I did do was constantly shush the over-excited dancers, young and old, so the din wouldn't be heard over the music and dancers on stage.

What I did do was fold all of the costumes only used in the first show, marveling at the sweat and stench and smeared make-up and hairspray on many as the girls tossed them in a heap next to me and the bins.

What I did do was stop fathers from entering the dressing room during intermission with a practice-makes-perfect eye roll communicating the ultimate "Duh" to them as I said, "Hello? There are teen girls changing in here." I enjoyed the look of shock of understanding come over nearly all of them. [I did not enjoy the attempted bribe by one. Kidding. No bribe offered.]

What I did do was manage to sneak out to see all of Daughter's dances and realize, yet again, in amazement that, hey, that's my daughter up there!


Jomama said...

I totally get that. I passed on the chance to chaperone a camping trip that I really wanted to go on, when my oldest child gave me a pleading look NOT to volunteer!

Then again, hearing about the ride up with a carsick boy in the middle of the backseat, maybe I'm glad he talked me out of that one.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Ah yes, how well I remember that "please don't embarass me" age! It is amazing to see our kids in action in situations outside of home. Who are those awesome, well mannered people?! :-)

Twenty Four At Heart said...

My son is 15 and I'm clearly the most embarrassing woman to ever walk the earth. I find it hilarious!

Patois42 said...

I'm sorry, 24, but I've got you beat on most embarrassing woman ever. Just sayin'. You're a distant second.

Tara R. said...

The eye-rolling and huffing only means you are doing your job as mom well.

Sian said...

I find the embarrasment thing very useful.
When she gets stroppy about tidying her room or such - I say: "If you don't do such and such, tomorrow I will bounce into your classroom like a big pink bunny rabbit and kiss your teacher on her nose"
She knows I will do it too and so the clothes get put away/bedroom is tidied/greens are eaten etc, etc.

I am probably scarring her for life, but she has to have something to tell her therapist when she grows up right?

Lori said...

I guess we're still in the safe zone, my kids don't mind having me around and my youngest (almost 13) still WANTS me to be at all the activities!! Yay!!

Patois42 said...

Sian, just give the therapist a link to the blog, right? That's what I'm planning.

Sure, Lori, brag brag brag. But where's the fun in not totally messing with your kids?

Tara, we all need our yardsticks, right?


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