Saturday, January 29, 2011

Still Junior High

Two weeks ago, we found out the illustrious idiotic imbeciles at our school district were going to close Daughter's middle school, requiring her to move to one of the other two middle schools in town for 8th grade. At the parent meeting following that decision, I was quite vocal, and I was pressuring the superintendent and the board members who were present to let us know where the kids were going.

Their decision? Send all of the kids from our closing school to join up with all of the kids at a second school. The third school, the one not in Program Improvement, takes no new students. In fact, all of the 5th graders who would have been going to my Daughter's now closing middle school will also join up at the one Daughter is now slated to attend.

That's the decision? To force students and families in two of the three middle schools to face major upheaval and crowding while those at the third school -- the lily white rich school, I might add -- sit out the chaos  and go on about their way. What. The. F#$k? What. The. F$%k?

I've got a theory. I think someone at that lily white rich school has a picture of the superintendent in a three-way with some board members.

What else can it be?


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Wow. WOW. That sucks.

Patois42 said...

True, dat! But then, again, you know what public schools are like!

Tara R. said...

That makes no sense... except using your scenario.


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