Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today, She is a Woman

I knew the day was fast approaching for Daughter. The signs that the big day would soon be here were unmistakable. She is, after all, 12 years old and in middle school. We don't want to imagine our daughters maturing so quickly. We want them to be little girls forever, particularly when they are as sweet and naive as Daughter is.

It doesn't matter what we want, really. Time passes quickly, and there's nothing we can do to stop its sometimes heartless march.

It happened Thursday.

Daughter is no longer a little girl.

She is a woman.

With a Facebook account.

Yes, kids, that's right. The girl is on Facebook.

*          *          *

So what do I now have? Two Facebook accounts. One that is my real one, the one I feed my tweets to, the one where I can curse with wild abandon. And then there's the other one, the shell I set up just so I could friend Daughter and, eventually, Youngest. [I have no expectation that Eldest will ever make the plunge into Facebook. He just finds the whole concept ridiculous. This from a kid whose social circle is comprised of other teen friends playing Xbox Live.]

I will try not to be too bent out of shape that Daughter has nearly as many FB friends as I do, in a span of mere days.

So this is what it feels like to watch your daughter blossoming into womanhood whilst you shrivel up, wrinkled and gravity-damaged, into a corner, never to be asked to dance again whilst her dance card is brimming over.



Burgh Baby said...


With that new found maturity comes an opportunity. You now have a new venue you can use to embarrass her. RAWK!

Josie Two Shoes said...

ROFL, that's not where I thought this post was leading!:-) You've come up with a great plan to oversee things though - a second FB page to friend the kids with. I've often wondered how it works for some parents who have their kids on their page, where a whole lot of personal and adult information gets shared. Both of my kids are like your eldest and have zero interest in FaceBook. I'm kinda relieved about that. And yup, they sure do grow up too fast. I remember myself at my daughter's age so well, and it doesn't feel like I shoujld be this old now!

Tara R. said...

Both of my kids have FB account, but both also told me should I open my own, that in no uncertain terms, they would reject any and all requests by me to be Friends.

Good luck with your stalking.

Michele R said...

LOL, I thought this post was going elsewhere too!
Your Eldest is a remarkable young man.
My Eldest (also age 14) is on it and guess what? I am him. I have his password and I do not believe in my kids having this privacy in middle school, or 9th grade in his case, and mostly I groan about the time-suck. Recently he and his friends opened a private group of just the five of them and one boy time and time again is making bad decisions. I must say though it has been a good tool to have discussions with Eldest (who luckily doesn’t post much on it) on what happens when presented with a decision to make, consequences of bad decisions, how things in writing are forever, etc., and how he must be able to have actual conversations with humans. And I know who I don’t want to be driving ever with my son in the car. For my son, he has a hard time doing homework and not flipping over to it via his Itouch and so in the fall we talked about he de-activating it, which we did with him sitting next to us (for 12 days), which BTW, when that happens, FB asks, “John will miss you! Brian will miss you! Are you sure!!, etc. Needless to say, his friends know we are the strictest parents in the district (and some know as well since they had Hubs as a teacher).

That Uncomfortable Itch said...

Totally thought this was going by of the other womanly avenue. The lovely thing about an FB page is that you can keep tabs on her without having to enure an eye roll or a hair flounce. The friends things is sort of hard though. How do they get 976 friends in a matter of 12 hours?

Magpie said...

I'm going to move to an island without electricity.

tiff said...

awe facebook...we just started using it in the last 1.5 years...and we finally gave in when the boys' turned 11 years old in December...we gave it to them as a Birthday Present...but they had to friend us. we are little more open with technology, but it is a hard balance to achieve...ugh!

i love the title of your post...awesome...i didn't come read at first, as i thought i don't want to read about some girls start to womanhood...but then i thought this has to be comical coming from you!

happy almost friday!


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