Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Focus, People

Those who want the lottery system at Youngest's elementary school eliminated came out again last night, hijacking the discussion about where the hell the kids at Daughter's middle school go to school next year.

The special board meeting -- erroneously billed initially as a community meeting -- was supposed to be centered on re-drawing the boundaries for middle schools in light of the shuttering of Daughter's middle school. [Noteworthy was even the superintendent forgetting to use the term "consolidation" in talking about the closure. I guess that makes it official. It is being closed. "Consolidation" is for sissies.]

A parent who pulled her third grader and first grader from the lottery school in October and put them in their local school had a prepared statement about the lottery school. The board president even interrupted to point out that it was the middle schools that were the subject at hand. All that did was give the parent a chance to catch her breath before talking more about the lottery school and the injustice of it all. Oh, the injustice!

I hadn't intended to speak, but after three more people got up to talk about the lottery school, I'd had enough. "More power to you," I said, "But could you please tell my daughter where she's going next year? An online charter school, maybe?"

I'm not surprised, though. I've been telling anyone who's willing to listen -- and even those who aren't -- that the handwriting is on the wall. [See? Right over there, next to the gang graffiti.] That lottery school is going to be opened up to neighborhood kids. The folks at the school can either watch it happen or they can take control of it. But it's going to happen.

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