Friday, February 11, 2011

Just Another Online Day

There is a couple who used to have their kids at Youngest's entry-by-lottery elementary school. In October, they decided to start having their children attend their neighborhood school. As near as I can tell, the couple made more enemies at the school than friends, with the primary cause apparently the woman's anonymously written blog.

She has since taken down the most offensive posts, although, as we tell our children, the Internet, she knows no "delete." So while the original posts are no longer on her blog, they live forever more in infamy. Apparently, word got out about the blog right around the time her kids transferred out of the school. Rumors abound, but it appears that all it took was one person to find out about it and then email the links to everyone who was interested.

Fast forward to the past couple of days. Have you heard about those Patch news sites, the hyper-local sites brought to you by the one and only, you've-got-mail AOL? There's one in our town, too, and the discussion about the closing of Daughter's middle school is eclipsed by the online discussion about making the lottery elementary school into a neighborhood school. Remember when I complained about people standing up and talking about that issue in the midst of the board meeting agenda item regarding Daughter's middle school?

Someone posted a rather disparaging comment about the first speaker at that board meeting, naming the woman, and then someone else posted an even nastier comment. So the woman fired back. And then the first poster outed the woman's blog on the site.

Damn. Damn.

Someone called her and let her know what had just been posted.

So then the blogger's husband goes on the attack and names the woman who had been posting about his wife and her blog. And his post is rabid, going on to not only name the woman but also her husband's business. And to say "I find it funny that a prominent business owner in our town is actually picking on an under represented family in the [TOWN]. We are under represented by the fact that we are Native American and Low Income and live in affordable housing and all we want is what is best for the citizens of TOWN."

I watched this unfold. The comments in question have all been deleted, presumably by the authors, and now I guess we're all not supposed to realize that this happened. Of course, as we know, the Internet, she never deletes.

I felt bad for the woman, the blogger. Of course. I tried to express that pity and was roundly booed for daring to feel sorry for her.

One step away from being outed at any time, really. Although, quite frankly, as I said to Pete, I'd say aloud what I'd say here. Only I probably wouldn't use "f$%k" so much if I were, say, at a school board meeting.


tiff said...

oh boy...blogs can be trouble.

i have to be careful, as i am an employee of the school and quite a few folks in our district are stalkers of our i pick and choose...i sometimes wish i was back in alaska where i could say whatever the hell i wanted...but i get to come to your blog and agree...smiles!

Tara R. said...

I think the self-censoring at the board meetings would be a good thing, but the thought of you dropping a few bombs did make me laugh.

Patois42 said...

Tara, I live to make you laugh. Just like you live to awe me with your photos and writing!


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