Friday, February 18, 2011

Paper Trails

I am being overrun by paper. I thought we were supposed to be moving toward a paperless society. WTF?

There are piles of papers throughout my dining room in box mail room office. Some fill me with angst. Some fill me with pride. All fill up every available space.

You want angst?
  • All the receipts I've saved in a drawer throughout last year that need to be entered into my spreadsheet and then, of course, saved for SEVEN FREAKIN' YEARS so the IRS doesn't throw our asses in prison. [By the way, whatever happened to Wesley Snipes? Let me see. Oh, three years in prison!]
  • Bills, bills, and more bills.
  • Work related to the huge project which is finally winding down. Only to be started anew in less than six weeks.
  • All the bullshit related to the closing of Daughter's middle school. [Have I recently mentioned my utter disdain for liars posing as school district employees?]
  • More bills, bills and more bills.
  • Receipts from Youngest's Valentine's Day party which need to be notated and filed so fellow classroom parents don't accuse me of absconding with their $5 donations.
Good God, I need some pride!
  • Eldest's ribbons and certificates for his award-winning Reflections entry.
  • Straight A report cards for Eldest and Daughter.
  • Honor Roll certificates for the above-mentioned kids.
  • Photos of Youngest from his try-outs for select soccer football.
  • The "I Love You Mom" Post-it above my computer.
The only thing going for me right now? Pete is out of town, bringing down big bucks to pay many bills, and he can't see the disaster for what it is. [Move along, honey, no need to comment on this post.]


Peter said...

Then I'll just keep stum! You're doing a great job at the old homestead. See you Banana Babe!

Lori said...

Couldn't resist posting a comment, eh?


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