Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Superintendent Walks into a Bar

How did I go from receiving a reply from the superintendent saying, "Thanks for the correction Patty. I appreciate the information you are sharing."...

To one from that same superintendent saying, "We need to regroup Patty. This is way out of reasonable conversation..."

...in the course of fewer than 30 hours?

I don't know. She didn't say.

Some think she might have read blog posts. Oh, yeah, did I really say I figured someone at another school have photos of her in a three-way with two school board members?

Yeah, I did.

Still others think maybe it was my comments on a local online news site. Oh, yeah, did I really say, "Put your options on the table, in full view, not under the cloak of 'We can't talk about it at this point.'"?

Yeah, I did.

But what I said to her in my recent email yesterday, the one that got as a response that "this is way out of reasonable conversation" was:

I am very concerned that the message that "we heard this from SCHOOL'S parents at the parent meeting" is still being used without the caveat of "although we understand from a number of SCHOOL'S parents in attendance at that meeting that this was not suggested." J. has posted on the NEWS SITE that she and her husband spoke to you on the phone yesterday and that you "expressed that the "keep all of the kids together" recommendation came from what she and the board thought they heard from the SCHOOL'S community at a PTA meeting."

Other parents have reported receiving email responses from you since you've been made aware by at least a few of us that we disagree with your perceptions of that meeting. To let that message stand -- that SCHOOL'S parents said it at a SCHOOL parent meeting -- does a grave disservice to us. Of course you and the staff and trustees who were there can say that's what you heard. I would request, however, that you now start adding to your message that there are those of us who strongly disagree with that having been the case.

I think that was totally reasonable. It's not like I called her a liar.


Or Photoshopped her with an elephant or some other animal in a delicate position.

Okay, yeah, that last image was unreasonable.

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Tara R. said...

I cannot imagine how frustrating this is to personally be dealing with this fuster cluck.

Take out all the parental influences, logistically, it makes no sense to move one entire school population into a second, with no change to a third. Yeah, there is something going on here that defies explanation.


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