Thursday, March 17, 2011

And I am a Material Girl

For some time now, I've been telling Pete, "When we have a lot of money, I'm going to..."

I decided I'd start this post and fill in the many, many blanks that follow that statement. In no particular order -- and parenthetical notes regarding who is served -- are the items I'm going to buy. Buy! Buy! Help the economy! Buy! Buy! Buy! Power to the people! Buy! Buy! Buy!
  1. Get a new crown. (Me. And not a freakin' tiara: a crown to replace the one that broke two years ago.)
  2. Get my sight checked and buy new glasses. (Me. And all the people around me who react in pain as they see me squint to read.)
  3. Buy a new washer and dryer. (Me, mostly. But also the other household members who have to hear me bitch and moan about the current set which dates to when Eldest had just turned 1. He is 14.5 now.)
  4. Paint the inside of the house. (The family. Because it's the inside!)
  5. Paint the outside of the house. (The neighbors. Poor things.)
  6. Have the hardwood floors sand-blasted and re-stained. (The family, although I appear to be the only one even marginally bothered by the state of the floors.)
  7. Get a new dual-fuel stove: electric oven and gas stove top. (Pete. And Sami and me because the current one, with the stopgap replacement glass front is a constant reminder of the time I hip-butted her into the original glass front, shattering the glass. That was five years ago!)
  8. Pay a cleaning service to clean house from top to bottom. (Me. Because I apparently am not as vigilant about cleaning house as I once was.)
  9. Buy a new Jeep. (Me, first and foremost, but the rest of them, too. I love my Jeep Grand Cherokee. We got it brand spankin' new for half-price in 2000. Ah, the heady days of wheeling and dealing in the advertising world. I know I'll absolutely choke on the cost of a new one. But I'm clearly a Jeep person. A Jeep person who needs heated leather seats.)
Someday. Someday. Someday after college educations. Sigh.


That Uncomfortable Itch said...

It's a fun game to play though. I'd totally go for the house cleaning. And the brand new washer/dryer.

Jomama said...

I was thinking of posting something along these lines myself. None of your items is particularly extravagant. They just seem so when you look at the price tag in the context of paying for groceries and no health care coverage.

One thing at a time, prioritize, and yes, eventually we'll be able to stop shelling out all our money for our kids, right?


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