Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just Desserts

Do you use the same technique for remembering that the yummy "dessert" is spelled with a double-s that I use? Strawberry Shortcake. Never going to forget that, until my brain is addled completely.

Speaking of double-s: the shit storm with soccer. Wait, that could be a triple-s: soccer shit storm. No, wait, a quadruple-s: select soccer shit storm. Damn, I really wish I could make it a quadruple-f.

Yeah, so, anyway. The select soccer shit storm settled out in the end. I ripped the coach and I ripped the effer manager/treasurer from last year. And I ripped them all coherently and with eloquence in an email to one of the league board members.

When I left that meeting Wednesday night, telling the coach and his new manager/treasurer how offended I was, the league board members there all jumped into the fray after my departure. In the end, they wanted me to be the manager, the mo-fo manager/treasurer from last year to be the treasurer, and my co-manager to become the head of fundraising. And they were all so happy with such an arrangement.

And I told them to go to hell.

And then I laid out everything in that coherent and eloquent email. And then my co-manager (and her husband who is also on the board) seconded everything I had written and added far more detail about the squirreliness of the financial management of the team the last couple of years.

And so the manager/treasurer from last year was removed from any and all management of the team.

Which makes me almost happy enough that I won't go and key his car or sic the IRS on him.


When I introduced myself to the team parents on Monday, I admitted to being sarcastic, having a quick wit and being a bitch.

Yes, I did.

Did they think I was joking?

Apparently, they did.


tiff said...

AWESOME...and I would have loved to have seen the quadruple-f...hmmm!

Sarcasm makes life tolerable!!!!

anymommy said...

I remember that you always want seconds of desserts. Double s. But you never want seconds of sand. One s in desert. The soccer thing is SO intense, but it's clear you've got it locked.

Tara R. said...

You gave them fair warning, I think that will cover you if they get their soccer mom feelings hurt.

Patois42 said...

Eluciq, we actually call it football in our house (what with the British man of the house), so I think a fantastically f&2ked football fiasco might do the trick.

Tara, it's truly an issue with soccer dads, actually!


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