Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not Very Refreshing

Clearly I have much power with the school district. My ribbing regarding having to bring your own refreshments to the school board meeting at 8 a.m. Saturday had an effect: they had pastries and coffee available. I myself brought a box of donuts, writing on the box "Donated by a CLOSING SCHOOL Parent."

What a bizarre showing that meeting was, too, refreshments notwithstanding. Personal attacks abounded. Allegations of the rich getting their way. Testimonials of neighborhood schools by parents of children attending the by-lottery magnet school instead of the neighborhood school a stone's throw away from their houses. Tears of frustration. Admonishments of two months of failure. Accusations about motives.

It sucked. It. Sucked.

I walked away both disgusted and heartened. Disgusted by the hypocrisy. Heartened that Daughter will not be attending the middle school some of those parents' children attend.

Now we all just move on. People who want to avoid the perceived bad school will put in their intra-district transfers for their children. People who want to avoid the perceived snooty school will do the same.

And middle school will go on next year. And life will go on.

But when the by-lottery school is dismantled and turned into a neighborhood school, we'll all know that the final blow to it was its very own parents, unnecessarily demanding the right of their children to attend their neighborhood middle school.

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Patois42 said...

Which isn't to say I don't know some great kids who will be going to that other middle school. Just sayin'.


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