Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's a Few More Millions?

It's been years since the BALCO story broke. I worked at the San Francisco Chronicle at the time, heading up its media and public relations department. It was pandemonium, thanks to reporters Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams and their stories about BALCO and some of the biggest names in baseball. After their Game of Shadows book was published, and then after they were subpoenaed to testify regarding how they got Barry Bonds' grand jury testimony, "pandemonium" barely scratches the surface in describing what it was like. Even after I left the Chronicle, I continued to work with "the boys," the Chronicle and the Hearst legal team as they fought the subpoena.

It was amazing to be a small part of the whole scene. The chaos and frenzy and then the real fear that Mark and Lance would end up in jail for refusing to give up their sources felt so right. It was truly an honor to work with them.

And it is why, today, I still have such a hatred of Barry Bonds and who he is and what he did and how he essentially gets away with it all and how people still defend him. His trial finally got underway Monday, and now his defenders complain about the wasting of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to prosecute him.

The government wastes our money every moment of every day on things I find abhorrent or asinine or astonishingly stupid.

But this? For this justice, I'll gladly chip in some of my health care money to fund.

[How about a haiku about Barry?]

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