Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who Needs #HCR?

I do.

Do you want to know how much we spent on medical-related expenses this year?


Dear Republicans and Tea Party wingnuts who are so vehemently opposed to health care reform, how much do you think a family of five should spend on medical expenses each year? That family of five had zero catastrophic illnesses or injuries. That family of five had zero major illnesses. That family of five had zero Botox injections or plastic surgery of any kind. That family of five includes three children 14 and under.

So, dear Republicans and Tea Party wingnuts, I have two words for you: you suck.

And for Blue Shield Motherf#$ers of California -- which is the proud recipient of 55% of those expenses and the brutal cause of another 26% of those expenses because the only plan we can even marginally afford has huge deductibles -- you know what two words I have for you and your kind.

Damn, I really would much rather be spending this money on taxes to support the wars we seem so keenly interested in fighting as a country.

Or, wait, maybe I could spend that money on taxes to support education.

Oh, the fantasy world I wish I could inhabit!


That Uncomfortable Itch said...

Amen to that! I'm right there with you on this one! In our house it's just a stream og thhose-goddamn-mothereffing-Republicans-are-going-to-rot-in-hell-for-all-eternity. The children run when Istart this.

Magpie said...

Oy. I'm scared to add it up - if I include premiums, it would probably be more per capita for my family of three than yours of five.


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