Monday, April 4, 2011

Saving for College

It was time to break out the lighter bedding, which is why I had Pete up on the stool reaching the high shelf as I passed up to him the winter wares. Towels and sheets we have long stopped using were taking up plenty of space, and it occurred to me that it was time to ditch the old stuff. Why not pass it onto those nice people who take bag loads of outgrown toys and household goods practically every week?

I stopped myself, though. Eldest would be heading off to college "soon," followed the next year by Daughter. Four years later, and I'd be sending off Youngest as well.

"Soon," of course is relative.

Eldest isn't even headed off to high school until August. But "soon" has a way of coming far too soon, as I remind myself far too often.

Hell, we will have saved likely nothing in the way of actually paying for college. But at least we will have saved bedding for them.


Tara R. said...

We did a little saving for college - bedding, towels, kitchen stuff... but when the time came, the College Kid was not impressed with her 'used' school fund. Just find your scholars a rich roommate who already has all the stuff they need.

tiff said...

i am going with the rich room mate who might adopt your child and pay for their college...god knows we wont be able to afford college...i am thinking i might save an appliance box or two, bedding & towels and offer up the bridge as a nice place to live under...oh dear...soon will come soon enough for sure!


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