Friday, April 22, 2011


A visitor joined the elementary school's PTA meeting last night. I heard the woman introduce the visitor as someone from another elementary school. I imagine her last name was used, but I didn't hear it.

Listening to my SmartPen recording, I realize she didn't say more than her first name, noting that her children went to another school and that she was getting involved in the PTA at her school and was seeing how other meetings were run.

That last part was clearly a lie. She is the wife of one of the most vocal opponents to our by-lottery school. I didn't realize that until she went to get copies of all the materials being handed out, including our financials. That was when a couple of PTA officers started acting a bit squirelly about her.

When our PTA president appeared following a district meeting set up to discuss the dismantling of our by-lottery school, the woman running the meeting pointedly introduced the outsider. That was when I heard her last name and it all clicked.

Seriously, people have enough time to visit other PTA meetings? I don't have enough time to clean the damn sink in the kids' bathroom, but some people have enough time to go to other PTA meetings? Really?

If you're there to observe and learn and take back whatever paltry information you glean in your stealth, undercover forays into enemy territory, can you at least own it?

I called her on it, when her last name was mentioned. Publically outing her so all of us at the meeting knew there was a spy within our midst.

Spying on other PTA meetings. Now that's something none of us should have the time to do. Pentagon Papers, sure. Barry Bonds' grand jury testimony, sure. 60 Minutes, maybe. Wikileaks, maybe. PTAleaks, no.

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Tara R. said...

Seriously? What did she hope to learn or accomplish with her stealthy tactics? You can't make this kind of weird up.


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