Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Do Not Like that Scam, I Am

This is the letter I wrote for my friend to send to a mediator in another state who was trying to help a poor schlub that fell for an age-old scam. Let it be noted that I managed to never call the schlub a moron, though clearly he is.


I am in receipt of your letter of DATE, and the documentation you included regarding a complaint filed by Mr. DUMBASS. Let me state unequivocally upfront that my firm, which I founded in YEAR, has nothing to do with this scam being carried out by persons unknown to me or anyone associated with my company. My company’s name, or variations of it, has been used by scammers apparently operating out of Toronto, Ontario and New York. I am sure you are well aware of these scams taking advantage of people throughout the world. My company is as much a victim as the individuals apparently hoping to get something for nothing but instead being suckered by criminals and conmen.

I say “individuals” as we have heard from nearly a dozen since the beginning of the year, all offering up poorly written letters, paperwork, and copies of bad checks as proof. None of this originated from my company. None of the phone numbers or addresses provided by the criminals are owned by or used by my company (nor by the other companies with names identical to or similar to my own company). We have made every effort to track down the criminals but have been unable to have any governmental agency assist us in any way. We have posted an alert about the scam on our website. We have spoken with the Better Business Bureau and have filed a report (REPORT LINK). On the advice of the BBB, we have filed a report with the Federal Trade Commission (NUMBER) and we have filed an identity theft report with the CITY Police Department (NUMBER). We have pleaded for assistance with both the CITY PD and the FTC, but neither seems able to do anything about it, and the victims keep getting victimized. Additionally, we have contacted the Canadian Embassy, which did not return our repeated calls; we have called the New York Police Department, which did not return our repeated calls; and we have filed a report with the Office of Homeland Security, which has not contacted us.

Perhaps your entity would be able to assist us or perhaps you have other ideas that you would be able to discuss with me at your earliest convenience? MEDIATOR, I do feel badly for DUMBASS, but his falling prey to a criminal is not in any way related to my firm. I wish you all the best in tracking down the culprits. Again, if you have suggestions on what else I can do to try to put these scammers out of business, I would so appreciate hearing from you.

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