Monday, May 2, 2011

Titled "Entitled"

There's a talk show lawyer who bills himself as an "Elder Advocate." When the kids aren't in the car, I get to listen to content that is far less overproduced. But I find it is as insidious.

A caller's father needs to go into a nursing home, and he wants Medi-Cal to foot the bill. But what will happen when his father dies, the adult child wonders? Will Medi-Cal try to take the proceeds of the sale of his father's house? What can they do to make sure the offspring reap all the benefits and not let the evil government swoop in and take some or all of the money?

The "evil" government that is going to pay for the father's care until his death. The "evil" government that is funded by me and you.

Another caller talks about her niece who is on disability and who was bequeathed $5,000 from her dead father. How can that money be hidden so the niece doesn't have to give up any benefits? How can the evil government be stopped from taking money rightfully the niece's?

The "evil" government that is paying for her care month in and month out. The "evil" government that is funded by me and you.

I was also reading comments from a survey of women, and I came across one written by a self-identified Caucasian who was complaining about the difficulties in getting Medi-Cal assistance while she was pregnant. Why is it so easy for Hispanics, especially the illegal ones, to get assistance? How come the evil government won't pay for her as well?

The "evil" government that ultimately footed the bill to ensure the health and welfare of her baby and herself. The "evil" government that is funded by me and you.

The sense of entitlement that people have doesn't astound me. I see it all the time. It doesn't astound me; it angers me. Why the freakin' hell should I pay for that man's father's care or that woman's niece's care or that pregnant woman's care? It's not the nameless government that pays. It's me. And you. And you. Apparently, it's everyone except the people who should.

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