Sunday, May 8, 2011

To the Best Mom Ever. Love, Momself

I bought two Mother's Day cards to send to my mom. One was to be from me and Pete. One was to be from the kids.

As days ticked by and Mother's Day approached and it was clear I'd never get the cards to her on time, I went with the age-old Plan B. I sent her some beautiful flowers.

I only call it Plan B because the cards didn't get sent on time. I always send her flowers or a plant on her birthday and Mother's Day and, more often than not, on Valentine's Day and Easter, too. I don't think I've ever noted the Fourth of July or Labor Day with greenery.

Talking with her this morning, I fess up to not having sent the cards. Hell, she's my mother. I can't very well lie to her when I tell her Youngest's thank you card for his birthday gift is written and included with her Mother's Day cards. I have to add, "...which are sitting on the kitchen counter, waiting to be mailed." I don't feel compelled to add, "...not to mention waiting to be written."

[Hey, she's my mother. She doesn't have to know everything. It's not like I'm nearly 13 and kissing my first boyfriend like some nearly 13-year-old daughter I know. And with whom I live.]

So, I just now pulled out the cards to sign and have the kids sign, and I realize I'm missing the card I got for her. I instantly realize that I'm not missing the card. I have the card.

It's the one my own nearly 13-year-old daughter gave me this morning.

Yes, I bought my own Mother's Day card.

And, yes, payback is a bitch.

*I tell Pete this. His response? "I saw the three cards in the bag and I figured you bought them yourself to make sure the kids gave you cards." The boys made me their cards, of course, and I had expected Daughter to do the same. Just wait'll Father's Day, man. I hope he's planning on buying his own cards as he certainly couldn't expect his children's mother to make sure it happened. As she has managed to do each and every year since the year he was only a father in theory.


Patois42 said...

I should mention that the third card in the bag was a congratulations card. For a Bar Mitzvah. Glad no one gave me that one!

And, yes, Lori, mother of the new man, it's on the way. Tomorrow!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Oh, that is so funny! And it reminds me of the box of unsent cards I still have that were meant to go to family on special ocassions and never got sent off. I am so bad about that too, procrastinator par excellence! And I put so much effort into choosing nice ones that say just the right thing... usually! I rememeber one year though that Guideposts magazine came out with a sample Christmas card, and both my little sister and I sent it (the identical free card) to a family member we weren't too excited about at the time. How embarassing that was, since we live 1000 miles apart! Sometimes karma does have a way of getting us, just as with the lovely card you received today! Happy Mother's Day to one of the great mom's who truly cares and tries really hard! Your kids will grow up and called you blessed... some day... when they are older with children of their own! :-))

Tara R. said...

That's funny! I love that your hubs thought you had bought your own card for Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Now wait a minute! I thought you had bought three Mothers day cards because of what happened last year. Even though I nagged them mercilessly and the boys assured me that they had made cards. On the sixth time of asking our daughter she reached for the cards that I thought you had bought, being the genius you are, so they would have no excuse.

So there. Errrrm, it wasn't my fault! Errrrm, I nagged 'em to death!...................You're not buying this, are you! My bad!!

Patois42 said...

Come on, Anonymous, do you expect anyone to believe that?

For the record, the cards the boys made were wonderful and the video the girl made was beyond precious.


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