Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekly Wonderings II

1.  Working back-to-back-to-back 12 hour days is very tiring.

2.  Knowing that my weekends for the next three weeks are filled with, first, back-to-back 12-hour days working, second, camping with the Girl Scouts, and, third, Daughter's Annie performances leaves me pining for days of yore.

3.  And by "days of yore," I mean those before my kids had any activities beyond having diapers changed and being kept constantly amused by me and Pete.

4.  I don't remember the "days of yore" before kids. I suspect weekends were far more peaceful and self-centered then.

5.  Doing the project work I do now is far harder today than in my younger days. Hell, doing anything now is far harder than in the past.

6.  The latest project has me encountering hundreds of regular folks from all walks of life. And because it's work, I can't even make fun of them.

7.  At least not where they can hear me.

8.  Now, if I could only remember that all the interviewers working for me have recorders going the whole time. I keep forgetting that, which means I'm going to have to edit out quite a few snarky comments before handing the tapes over to the client.

9.  "Regular folks from all walks of life" has a different meaning in the Bay Area.

10. "Regular folks" seem to be at a distinct disadvantage in this area. We have far more irregular folks per capita than most places.


Tara R. said...

There were 'days of yore?' Before kids?

Magpie said...

There are no regular folks. We're all as mad as hatters.


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