Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekly Wonderings III

1. Why do you think In 'n Out Burgers promotes the fact that they use "real American cheese" in their radio ads?

2. I think it's because they're patriotic.

3. God knows, although I am a big fan of their burgers, there's no such thing as "real" when it comes to American cheese.

4. The bulletin board at the middle school of 6th, 7th and 8th graders had a message "Happy 15th Birthday, John!"

5. If I had an 8th grader who was turning 15, I don't think I'd be telling the world that.

6. It occurs to me, maybe he's in 7th grade.

7. I officially resigned my job Thursday.

8. I really should have used quotation marks for "job," given that it's the elementary school yard duty gig I'm talking about.

9. Yo-yos finally did me in. Yes, yo-yos and their proliferation. But that's another post in and of itself.

10. I don't know how the family will manage without my $108 a month from the school district.


IzzyMom said...

Real American cheese? if!

So what's the yo-yo story? I'm all curious (see also: NOSY) now. Did you tweet about it? I seem to recall someone tweeting about yo-yos recently.

tiff said...

i always crack up when someone...anyone says that it is REAL american cheese...i just refer to it as plastic cheese...

as for your yard duty...oh bummer! i too want to hear the yo-yo story!

i gave up on my twitter account and deactivated it...i never really i took something off my plate to feel guilty about not doing...ha :)

Jomama said...

Was it the yo-yo fundraiser? We had that come to our school last year. Great for the school, but it triggered a major crisis in our house.

Lori said...

congrats on quitting. I lasted one year as a yard duty person. We never had yo-yo's, but we had another similar toy involving a string and an oddly shaped gadget looked like 2 cups attached at the bottom. ANyway...loved the yo-yo story.


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