Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekly Wonderings IV

1.  The bag of hair I've spoken of in the past showed up 3.5 hours later than her scheduled start time of 10 a.m. The reason? She overslept.

2.  I have decided that she should become a Post Office employee. I came to that decision following being on hold for 14 minutes with the Post Office while a worker tried in vain to get me to just hang up.

3.  Instead, I used my cell phone to call again and again and again, while still on hold on the office phone, until the bitch picked up and I got the pleasure of saying, "Hi, it's Patty, the woman who has been on hold for 15 minutes waiting for an answer to where her 316 pieces of mail are." That wasn't enough to get them to deliver the damn completed surveys that day. I had to drive to the Post Office and retrieve them myself.

4.  When complaining to the Consumer Affairs employee, we discovered what we had already come to know: everyone complains about that woman and that department.

5.  Which brings me full circle to ole bag of hair: sometimes, we all know a loser when we encounter one.

6.  Best text I've received all week goes to this one about our acting schools superintendent: She colored her hair brown. Maybe trying to disguise herself from all the angry parents?

7.  Speaking ill of government workers -- yeah, yeah, I know the Post Office is not technically a government agency but it certainly has all the trappings of one -- it turns out that our former schools superintendent was more devious than I even believed: the email address she provided as one for the school board members turns out to only work internally.

8.  So all those beautiful missives to her and the school board that I sent only went to her.

9. Or so says an IT worker at the school district. Of course, he's a government worker, so who can really ever be sure?

10. More on that theme of sucky government workers: the volunteer luncheon at Youngest's elementary school was Wednesday. I didn't go. Neither did the principal although she was on campus the whole time. She just showed up as the lunch ended, grabbed a salad, and took it to her office to eat.

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