Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Idiot Mark-up

It's not an easy project to administer, this pipe dream a researcher has. It is extremely complicated and it is fielded in the toughest of neighborhoods throughout the East Bay. Tracing the respondents the researcher wants us to survey will be very difficult. Actually getting them to take part will be even harder. The act of conducting the survey will be dangerous. But the overall goal of the social research is right up our alley.

The last part mitigates a lot of the hassle. Yet there's an overriding reason why we don't particularly want to do the study. The potential client is a moron.

How do we know this? She is incapable of "replying to all" when it is so obviously necessary. She is unable to answer the basic questions of sample design. She can't open, much less read, spreadsheets we supply her during the proposal phase. She agrees to conference calls and then is a no show. Hell, she arranges conference calls and is a no show.

No surprise, then, that we applied a large idiot fee on top of the already extremely high project costs. The only problem? The cost is still acceptable to her.

So it looks like we are going to have to do the project. Which goes to show who the true idiots are.

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Tara R. said...

It's all part of the social experiment. It's really you all who are the actual test subjects.


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