Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Wonderings V

1.  After Daughter's boyfriend came to watch her dance recital last night, I told her that he was definitely a keeper.

2.  Frankly, any 13-year-old boy who would have his mother drive him to an auditorium 20 minutes from home so he could sit by himself and watch a two-hour dance recital is a fine lad in my book.

3.  Their five-week anniversary is on Tuesday. Maybe by the time of their 10-week anniversary they actually will have been to each other's houses or hung out outside of school.

4.  Two weeks from today, we will arrive in merry ole England on our 3-week vacation. The amount of stress I feel in getting to that point is far too high to ever be alleviated by the vacation itself.

5.  As any parent knows, there's no such thing as relaxing on a vacation if you've made the error of bringing the kids along.

6.  Of course, I'll also still be working while I'm there, seeing as my major project is in the just-launched phase and not yet on auto-pilot. Nothing says "vacation" like a laptop and wi-fi connection.

7.  Spending all day yesterday at two dance recitals and killing time in between is going to seem like a breeze given my duty today: driving to Sacramento with Youngest for his three soccer matches.

8.  Did I mention rain?

9.  Did I mention I'm regretting not encouraging him to excel at baseball instead, a wussy game that is never played in the rain?

10. Save your hate mail countering my allegation of the wussiness that is baseball for another time. Like a time when I am dry.


Michele R said...

That is cool that boyfriend can get out of comfort zone. Totally reminds me of last Nov when my 14 yr old had met a girl who had a dance recital shortly as well. Hubs scored big time in mu book cuz he told son that it was customary to have a bouquet of flowers. Another boy who was there for a friend of this girl had flowers too so Oldest was very happy.
When is that rain for you and snow out there east of you going to stop? Some people have been planning on visiting Cali!
I have been meaning to write you an email that we will be camping out there. Maybe we can house sit for you. JK! This will be a week from today.

Josie Two Shoes said...

The new boyfriend does indeed sound like a keeper!

Ahh yes, the joys of parenthood, and especially travel with children. If only one could deflate them and place them in the suitcase on will! :-)) Have a great vacation anyway, IF you survive this busy weekend first!

mayberry said...

Very nice boyfriend!

Your upcoming "vacation" sounds suspiciously like my upcoming vacation (swap "Ohio" for "merry olde England," though).

tiff said... guy had me take him to see peter pan because his friend was in it...pretty cute!

as for the wussiness...i totally get it! we had our last soccer game of the season in rain, snow, wind and then sunshine...i was ready to go sit in the car...ugh!

enjoy that working vacation in england...doesn't sound fun that you HAVE to be attached to your lap top and wi-fi.

CrAzY Working Mom said...

I agree, keeper indeed! ;)

Fortunately I didn't bring the kids along on my vacation...lost of (MUCH NEEDED) fun and relaxation!!!


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