Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekly Wonderings VI

1. The big family picnic at Youngest's elementary school was Friday night. It's just a very casual, non-fundraiser, fun event where the PTA supplies the burgers, dogs and refreshments, and people bring side dishes to share.

2. I realized how many people I don't know, now that Youngest is in third grade and the two oldest are long gone from the school.

3. I realized further that I'm so happy not to know them. I have so obviously been a parent at that school far too long.

4. I was pleased to note yet again that the principal failed to show at an event intended to show what a great community we are. That made the evening far more enjoyable.

5. Seeing how she hates parents and all. She does great with teachers, I hear. Dogs, too.

6. Unfortunately, kids outnumber dogs at the school by a ratio of 500:0.

7. The middle school's impending closure is making me far too sad. If I get through the last day of school Wednesday without shedding tears, I'll be amazed.

8. Daughter is steeling herself for the next few days. The primary cause of her sadness is that her boyfriend will be attending the other middle school next year.

9. I have been very good about not pointing out that they'll be long past the boyfriend/girlfriend phase by the time another 10 weeks elapse anyway.

10. Rarely a parent with restraint, I deserve a medal for keeping silent on that point.

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CrAzY Working Mom said...

Seriously...the principal didn't show?! That's crazy! Next time, make sure the event is dog friendly and she's sure to be there. ;)


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