Sunday, July 17, 2011

Feeling Connected

I don't get this feeling when I tread within my own country's borders. Surely, peoples existed long ago who walked these very same trails I frequent now. But I am disconnected from them. In contrast, I find connections to all who came before me when I visit England and Wales. Their voices I seem to hear loudly within me, not muted by time. I heard them everywhere I was.

Within centuries-old churches

In fallen-down castles
Where babies were baptized 1,000 years ago

On rocks overlooking coves used by pirates 800 years ago
At sunsets seen by many before at that precise location
Within the mysteries

In the many surviving ancient stone walls separating fields
In those fields where sheep still graze

In cliffs housing birds for as long as birds and cliffs have existed

On rocky cliffs

In the hills amidst the mist


Tara R. said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I so want to visit England one day. My grandfather retraced a family history going back to 990 AD. My ancestors were from Kent County.

mayberry said...

Beautiful photos - and sentiment.


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