Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekly Wonderings VII

1.  It's bad enough that my sleep patterns are far worse since making the eight-hour time switch from England to California, but the fact that my teenage boy gets up before 8 a.m. is more amazing.

2.  Speaking of that teenage boy, he managed to get to see Harry Potter for the midnight opening Friday morning. Brings to mind my Star Wars outing at a comparable age.

3.  Also brings to mind how very old I really am.

4.  Sleeplessness and early rising aside, we're all getting back to normal from our great adventure. Of course, normal around here during summer makes for its own kind of adventure.

5.  Sadly, with the weather being what it is, there is far less swimming going on. It is downright chilly around these here parts. I should be complaining about the heat right about now, but, no, I'm stuck complaining about the cold.

6.  When we were in the U.K., the weather was mostly warm and gorgeous and clear, and I had to repeatedly rescind my lame joke that "England" is Latin for "Land of the Pasty White People."

7.  Walking about London with the kids in the 94-degree, humid-as-hell atmosphere was surreal almost. And, of course, "England" is also Latin for "We Don't Believe in Using Ice, You Barbaric Americans," so cooling off was nigh impossible.

8.  I've talked about sleep and weather so far. Want to know what I had for dinner so we can get the three most boring topics of blogversation out of the way?

9.  I ran into an old Chronicle colleague last night when I was dropping off Youngest to see Harry Potter. We didn't get a chance to chat but for a minute or two, but it was fabulous to see one of my two most favorite journalists.

10. I was only slightly embarrassed to be clad in horribly ripped jeans and my Wooly Rascals slippers. There really does need to be a dress code for life outside the home. We'll include in it what not to wear if you're from the Land of Pasty White People and there's a heat wave. Nobody wants to see that much pasty white skin.

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Tara R. said...

My husband lived for a while in England, that must be where he got his Pasty White People complexion. Whitest guy I know, next to my son. So pale they are nearly clear.


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