Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Wonderings VIII

1.  To those lovely women (formerly) in our lives: however can you afford another child given how strapped you are for money that you are completely unable to pay me back the thousands I loaned you?

2.  To me: you are a heartless bitch.

3.  Also to me: you are a significantly poorer heartless bitch.

4.  I have discovered a time machine: oldies radio station.

5.  I have discovered the elixir to make the time machine work: alcohol.

6.  Memo to self (and Pete): no matter how icky we find Daughter's conversations with her boyfriend regarding who is more adorable or cuter or sexier -- ACK! -- let's not ever tell Daughter again that she's the second most adorable person we know.

7.  I miss Bill the Cat.

8.  I'm not sure why Bill the Cat makes me think of Bill Clinton. But he does.

9.  Speaking of bills, no more from Blue Mofo Shield of California for me and the kids. With little fanfare but with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, I cancelled the insurance effective July 15.

10. More to come on how much I hate Kaiser. Not!

[Photo courtesy of Berkeley Breathed. I miss you, Berkeley Breathed. All is forgiven. Please come back.] 

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