Friday, August 5, 2011

Love Letter to My Kids' Doctor

I actually got teary eyed this morning filling out requests for transferring of files from the kids' pediatrician to our new health provider, Kaiser. I couldn't just send the forms in the mail, so I sent the doctor this letter. He really has been all that.


It is with sadness that I am requesting the release of records on my three children, Eldest, Daughter and Youngest, to Kaiser Permanente. Financial constraints have forced me to sign on with Kaiser through my employment, and while I am sure I will be satisfied with the care the kids receive through Kaiser, I know that we will never find a kinder and more attentive physician than we have found with you and your colleagues.

I am particularly grateful for your guidance a number of years ago when Daughter was four years old. Your intervention and attention then laid the groundwork for her to become a most fabulous newly minted teenager. I will never forget your help then.

I know I can’t express adequately how much I appreciate the care you’ve provided my kids. I will leave it, then, with a simple thank you.




Tara R. said...

While losing your kids as patient is not a good thing, I would bet this letter of appreciation makes his day.

mayberry said...

I love our family doctor too. I agree, ending the letter is a wonderful gesture.

Anonymous said...

Maybe 1 out of 100 would think of this kind gesture? Nah -- probably 1 out of 1,000 wouldn't. You are a gem, in many, many ways. xoxo ginny

epoxy said...

i like the ending of this article .. very wonderful

Magpie said...

Sweet move.


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