Tuesday, August 23, 2011

They'll Just Keep Being Stupid

The rumor mill last week said one of the fifth grade teachers was moving down to teach fourth grade, so that the open teaching spot would be filled by a new fifth grade teacher. The rumor mill was correct: the teacher Daughter had for fifth grade would now be open for business in fourth grade. She's wonderful, and I know the kids who get her will be thrilled. Youngest has another fourth grade teacher, the one we had requested at the end of last year.

Me being me, I sent a note to the principal Monday morning. Class lists would be posted at 4 p.m., so I thought it would be a good idea for her to tell people -- particularly parents of fourth graders and fifth graders -- about the change in staff and the new staff. So I emailed her:

"I offer up a suggestion that it would be a good idea to send an email to all parents about the changes in teachers prior to the posting of class lists. I know most parents of 4th graders are unaware that TEACHER has moved to 4th grade. Telling everyone about her and the new 5th grade teacher -- and other new staff -- seems appropriate from a 'keeping you informed' standpoint."

Totally harmless, right? Suggested in the spirit of communicating, right?

Her response:

"The information is online under News."

Really? That's nice, isn't it? Of course, none of us know that there is any news to read online. In fact, none of us are ever directed to the school's website. This principal's mode of communications is almost exclusively email. (She really does seem to avoid ever having face-to-face communications with parents. I can see why. I mean, who wants to talk to parents, right?)

My reply:

"I'll be sure to tell everyone I see. Thank you."

And then I suggested to people that the first order of a charter school might be firing the principal.

The post's title comes from Pete's favorite adage, "If you don't tell people they're being stupid, they'll just keep being stupid."

And, yeah, I'm back, baby.

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Tara R. said...

Oh yeah, another school year fraught with drama. Good to have ya back.


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