Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Wouldn't do it if I had to do it Straight

Yup, I'm room parent again this year. Thank God I ignore all sense of propriety and communicate with the parents the fun way.

By tomorrow morning, you will have seen in your child's Friday folder that the theme for our family dinner classroom basket in TEACHER'S class is Beverage Maker. Unlike in years past, the organizers of the FUNDRAISER are asking parents to donate money to purchase the basket items. Morally opposed to donating cash and really really really want to donate an item instead? Go for it. If you want to go with the flow and donate money, please make your checks payable to me. I will keep with the theme and head out to the LOCAL WIFE-BEATER BAR and throw back a few in your name.

No, wait, I won't do that.  I will take all of the donated funds and buy the necessary basket items, including, apparently, a Soda Stream home soda maker or the Kuerig home coffee system. Then, a couple of days before the FUNDRAISER, we'll hang out with the other room parents and put the basket of goodies together for the silent auction at the FUNDRAISER on October 14.

There will be a Mike's Bikes bag -- go brand marketing! -- in the classroom for you to put your donation into. I will keep careful records and turn in all receipts. Have no fear.

Questions? I'll do my best to answer them. If I don't know the answer, I'll either make one up or point you in the direction of the person who can answer your question.



mayberry said...

If I were in your kid's class I would love you and buy you drinks at the wife-beater bar.

Tara R. said...

They would expect nothing less from you.

Outsource said...

Wow, what a beautiful piece of blog writing. Loved reading your blogs and I have subscribed for your blog posts by email.
Felt Good Reading Your Blog


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