Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Going, Going, Going, Gone

Each class was assigned a theme for its items for the basket created for the auction at an annual fun fair type event for kids and their families. Most folks pony up $10 or $15 to the pool each year. Youngest has 26 classmates, and our class raised about $325 for our basket. The younger grades, with 20 per class, probably each raised a similar amount, being that parents at that point are still competing to give the most to make little Johnny proud.

I did the shopping and brought the goodies to the big "basket wrapping" to-do the Wednesday morning before the fair. Not actually having ever been a girl, I enlisted to former girls to do the actual displaying and cellophane-twisting and ribbon-selecting and bow-tying to make the baskets presentable. I bartered my writing and pseudo-Photoshopping skills in exchange for their help.

Their third grade class had a theme of "beauty" and they had raised about $350. They made arrangements with a parent of a fourth grader, a plastic surgeon, to donate part of his fee to enable them to offer a $700 Botox and Juvederm treatment. To each her -- or his -- own, right? I made the certificate for them to put in the basket.

I think the basket went for more than $400. Good for them. I don't know what my class's baskets went for -- one with SodaStream and one with Starbucks -- but I know all of the baskets bring in a hefty sum each fall.

Someone complained about their basket, saying it sends the wrong signal to the kids. "What next?" the complainant wondered. "Are you going to auction off a boob job next year? What should I tell my 8-year-old daughter?"

I found out about the complaint yesterday, and after laughing, I moved onto much eye-rolling and mouth-gaping. Really? This is what people choose to make a stand on? The excess of mass consumption of unnecessary items represented by the baskets is fine, but the fact that one deals with Botox is wrong? There are baskets with high-end Coach items and baskets with bad-for-your-health soda products and baskets with hundreds of dollars worth of video games which will rot your kids' brains and so on and so on.

Hey, that basket contained something I'd never be interested in, but far be it from me to tell someone else she can't go shoot botulism into her face to make her more satisfied with her looks. What to tell an 8-year-old girl? "Some people have a difficult time aging and are unhappy with how they look. It isn't something for me, and I can't imagine it being something you'd ever want to do, but it doesn't hurt anyone. We can even giggle about it, that a woman feels looks are that important to her self-esteem, but we won't giggle in front of her."

[Image courtesy BotoxInjectionsGuide.]


Tara R. said...

The complainer was probably upset that she was outbid on the botox basket.

Anonymous said...

So glad to have your blog (and you) back, Sis! xoxo Ginny

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Ginny said, Pete and I miss it when you're not blogging!!!
Love to you and the family,
Brother Steve


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