Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Tale of Two Soccer Coaches

It's evaluation time, and we're asked to assess our kids' coaches. I took the liberty of rating both Youngest's ex-coach and his current one. It was designed to be anonymous, to encourage honesty. Screw that, though, I don't need anonymity.

The comment I left regarding Youngest's current coach:

My son and his teammates are blessed to have COACH as their coach. He works them hard, but he does it without belittling or ridiculing. He plays them fairly. He cares about not only their skills and performance now but about their skills and performance in later years as well. He is actually training them beyond one season. He talks to them, he counsels them. There's a word for that, it's on the tip of my tongue. Oh, yeah, he's a "coach." And he excels at his job. If my son were to play soccer next year, I would love to have COACH as his coach again.

And the comment regarding his ex-coach? Yeah, that:

No need for me to hide behind anonymity. This is Patty. I believe I have outlined my incredible dissatisfaction with DUMBASS in detail, in writing and verbally. He has a temper. He gets out of control. He is abusive. He plays favorites. He becomes frantic when losing. He is the absolute antithesis of a role model I want for my CHILD. I do believe he has the support of a small and select group of parents with the same poor sportsmanship and win-at-all-cost attitudes. These are CHILDREN. Passion is one thing. Uncontrolled and untethered bad sportsmanship is far more suited for the worlds of Enron and PG&E and Lehman Brothers.

BTW, that dumbass works for one of those latter-named companies. Huh.


Tara R. said...

Hopefully, the other parents who had to deal with DUMBASS' bad behavior, will also give an honest evaluation.

Jomama said...

This topic is near and dear to my heart, as you will see in my post later this week. I don't take issue with my son's ex-coach's practice coaching--he was pretty good at that part, and fair. But his laser focus on winning during gametimes left my bottom-shelf player warming the bench much too often. Can't really complain, I guess, it was a comp team after all. I just wish he'd encouraged us to return to Rec sooner.

It's great you have to guts to be so candid. That feedback has to be heard.

Jocelyn said...

Hot DAY-UM. You stepped up with your name, which makes all complaints more meaningful. Go, Girl!!!


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