Thursday, December 1, 2011

In Brief(s)

I'm grateful that it means less laundry for me, but I do think it's only a matter of time before someone at Youngest's school notices he always goes commando. I can just imagine the sexual harassment charges to be levied against him by the elementary school warden principal. Zero tolerance for zero underpants, is my guess.

I hope anyone who has been paying through the nose for Lipitor all these years switches to the generic version, and fast. Pfizer's negotiating with health insurance plans now to give their insured Lipitor at the market rate of the generics is such bullshit. I grant you that Pfizer was well within its legal rights to charge whatever the hell it wanted on Lipitor all these years, but that doesn't mean it had to charge such outrageous sums. How many times over has it paid for its research through the pickpocketing of those in need of Lipitor?

Not only has work been kicking my ass the last couple of months, but this month is in its own category of special hell. I've got a project due to the feds by December 30, and it's a flippin' huge one. I need to hold meetings and conduct interviews with thousands of people. And the kicker? Most of them can't speak English. That leaves me relying on others to help me, and we all know how reliable others are.

Can I tell you how nice it is to be far removed from the school setting? This is the lull before one hell of a firestorm coming up. At least the firestorm will happen after the new year, when my recall of all that is happening right now will be fuzzy with the giddy relief that the project from hell is done.

We are all well. Daughter still hates her new middle school, and she always will, but she and her boyfriend are still going (virtually) strong. I swear she's going to end up marrying him in a decade. Eldest has turned 15 and we are taking him (illegally) for driving lessons. Youngest remains soccer-mad. On the one hand, I'm thankful his season continues for another three weeks. On the other hand, I can't believe we've got to go to Manteca. Twice. Thank God Pete's project is done and he is working locally. For now. Me? I remain as frenetic as always. Can't you tell?

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Tara R. said...

My son won't even sleep commando, I can't imagine him going out that way. Too funny!

I can't even discuss the cost of Rx meds. It's criminal. We're lucky that we have fairly decent insurance coverage. For people who don't, there is no way they could afford the monthly expenses.


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