Saturday, January 28, 2012

Buzz Cutting the Christmas Tree

We must have missed the missive from the garbage people waste management company telling us the day of the Christmas tree pick-up. The tree was long ago undecorated and set out on the little spit of land that is our property but close enough to the curb to be an eyesore to neighbors. The week we figured trees would be picked up, our slowly decomposing tree was not. Not really giving a shit what our neighbors think of us, we left it out for another entire week. That second Friday after trash pick-up waste removal, it was still there.

Rather than start a brand new compost pile at the front of the house -- something a lazy person such as me would have done -- Pete started sawing off branches and loading them into the yard clippings trash can. It's a good thing we did miss the pick-up because look who had escaped from the house by hiding himself in the Christmas tree branches:

It makes me wonder where Woody and the others are. Have they gone to look for Buzz? Had he gone out to look for them? I've put Buzz on my router to remind me to go into the hellhole that is our storage closet overrun with so much crap it will take a full day to go through it secret room, where all the decorations are stored, and track down Woody and the gang. Otherwise, I fear Chicken Man will get his greasy paws feet on them and ship them all off to Japan. And then how sad will our tree look next year?

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Jocelyn said...

Ha! You unwittingly created the entire plot for TOY STORY 4! You're going to be a millionaire!


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