Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Cards Still on To Do List

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, we piled into the car and drove down to the land of Disney for a very brief visit. "Brief" as in one day. Yeah, I know, we're gluttons for punishment. But with no In-N-Out Burger joint nearby, what better excuse than to drive hundreds of miles and get our In-N-Out fixes coming and going? And as a bonus get to see Disney done all purty for Christmas. Done all purty like, but still managing to never actually use the word "Christmas."

We needed to dine out in a not-In-N-Out at least once, so we bopped over to the Buca di Beppo across the parking lot from our hotel. And that's when we got our Christmas card picture. [Did you see that, Disney? I can use the word "Christmas," and I have not experienced a backlash initiated by the many I must clearly offend by the use of the word.]

Of course, work beckoned mightily, and I never did get those Christmas cards done. But you get the picture.

Merry belated Christmas. Happy 2012. May this, in fact, not be the year of the end of the world, Mayan calendar creators be damned.


S said...

I have never been to an In-N-Out. What am I missing? God, what am I missing??

Happy 2012 to you.

S said...

Also? Your husband looks a little like Craig T. Nelson.

Gina said...

You should have emailed, I live ten minutes away from Disneyland!

Of course, perhaps your trip was intended to be family time, not blogger time!

Tara R. said...

And an awesome Christmas Family Photo it is too. Go ahead and send it for Valentine's Day.

Craziest Photo Collection said...

with you for Christmas fever...thanks for sharing


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