Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Girl and her Boy

I didn't get a chance (yet) to do Christmas cards, updating everyone on the goings-on in the household. I also still have to do the 2012 calendars for family and close friends. I'm sure everyone on those two lists is feeling something slightly amiss in their lives because they lack those items. I imagine they're sitting down at the table, sipping their tea or coffee, watching the sunrise, and musing to themselves or significant others, "Doesn't something feel off this year? I can't put my finger on it. But something is askew." They shake their heads and mutter, "Not that, you idiot," when their significant other points to the crooked artwork.

Daughter is still going out with her boyfriend. Yes, the same boyfriend she started up with in May. Yes, she was 12 then and is now 13. Yes, he was 13 then and is now 14. Yes, they have now been officially dating over the course of two calendar years. Yes, they have been together through nine calendar months. Yes, they still talk to each other every single day, sometimes for hours on end. Yes, hearing her side of those conversations sometimes makes me want to hurl.

Yes, yes, yes.

She says they will eventually marry and have two children, one girl and one boy. "What should we call the Jack Russell Terrier he's going to get me when we're married?" she asks. "You won't call any small dog we get a 'rat dog' so long as I don't carry it in my purse or put clothes on it, will you, Mom?" she asks. "Do I have to invite Youngest to the wedding?" she asks.

"Whatever," I say to the first.

"Yes," I say to the second.

"If you want us to pay for it, yes," I say to the third.

Thankfully, their relationship is still mostly virtual. They get to see each other and hang out together every three weeks or so. They both seem content to spend the hours talking and texting and flirting and laughing virtually rather than IRL. Thank God. And, if school boundaries stay what they are, they won't be attending the same high school either. Hooray!

She skews very young, that Daughter of mine, and she has been lucky to have found another her physical age who appears to have a similar emotional age. They will mature, of course, but I'm grateful that it is quite the gradual process.

Much as I'd never believe it myself were I not witnessing it unfold before me, I find myself actually starting to believe that the two of them are truly soul mates who have found each other in seventh grade and who will ultimately be together for 73 years. With a bunch of frickin' rat dogs yipping and yapping as they sit in their rocking chairs and watch sunrises and sunsets together.


Maddy said...

It is a tender age indeed. I try and remind myself that Juliette was the same age - all that passion and emotion.

Josie Two Shoes said...

What a lovely tale... stranger things have happened! You must save this post to give them some day down the road when and if it does. How wonderful to have your daughter involved with someone you feel good about in a relationship that is all it should be. You are blessed... and so is she!

Anonymous said...

I really DO miss my 2012 Calendar! I'm still looking at the December 2011 photo -- "A Disney Christmas" -- and I need new ones! (And it isn't because I'm too cheap to buy a calendar.) xoxo Ginny

Tara R. said...

Aww... they're cute. Probably not what you wanted to hear.


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