Sunday, January 15, 2012

I've noticed my Google Reader subscribers inching up, and I can't help but feeling it's more of those locals angling to read without giving me the satisfaction of a hit. They're likely interested in seeing what outlandish crap I'm spewing. Dissin' the elementary school principal? Goofing on the goings-on around the various schools my kids attend? Owning up to being an idiot? Poking the school board with a stick? [Note to self: be careful of that last one. Remember what happened to that poor woman. Cryptic enough for you?]

Anyway, regular readers may very well recall that I discovered in March that the school district had blocked any computers on its network from accessing my blog. The reason cited was "adult language." I noted at the time that I had been using adult language most of the five years I've been blogging, but it only became a problem right at the moment of the uproar over the school district motherfuckers closing the middle school Daughter and Eldest attended.

Do you think the use of "motherfuckers" in this post is going to get it blocked again? Because it was unblocked after a couple of months. Now, you can't say that's not fucking curious, can you? So just to be clear as we gear up for more local gripping and such, I'm giving them a golden opportunity to block me again. I'll even throw in a "vagina" to seal the deal. (Thanks to any mommy for that reminder back in March.)

There is a point to this post, though, and that is that Google Reader and other feed readers and aggregators must make it really easy for folks who like to view adult content 24/7 to do so even if their workplace blocks such content. I mean, do businesses typically block feed readers? They don't, do they?

But should they?


Tara R. said...

I think it is more likely that using the term 'Feeb" got you blocked.

If 'vagina' didn't do it, throw in a few 'penis' references.

Natalie said...

My work doesn't block any blogs, although some of the crap they do block is questionable.


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