Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Psychics and Super Powers

Youngest steers the dinner conversation toward his latest school assignment: choosing a SUPER POWER -- not of the Soviet Union v. U.S. v. China sort -- and detailing how he got his SUPER POWER and how it benefits others. His choice appears to be SUPER KNOWLEDGE, and he scoffs that most of the kids in his class choose INVISIBILITY or SUPER STRENGTH.

His dad opts for the ability to FLY, noting that this will dramatically lower his carbon footprint. This, of course, leads to a three-minute break in the SUPER POWER discussion in order to explain what a carbon footprint is and why we are freely ridiculing the choice of FLYING as a SUPER POWER. The other break in the conversation? Why we hate politicians and how we've never had the chance to vote for a great presidential candidate and none of us ever will.

SUPER POWERS. Right. That's what I was writing about. I toy with TIME TRAVEL, but we all nix that because of that whole space-time continuum issue. Yes, that's right, we have to take reality into account when we're talking SUPER POWERS. We also believe that taking out, say, Gaddafi Duck would only have let some equally evil dictator take the same appalling actions. In the end, we're all for taking out Hitler and Pol Pot and Stalin, but again come back to that continuum issue.

PREDICTING THE FUTURE? They say that's got the same issues as TIME TRAVEL.

How about READING MINDS? Pete scoffs at that, pointing out it will all just be like a tweet stream to me.

In the end, I choose SUPER JUDGE. Yes, I get to determine what and who is right and what and who is wrong. My SUPER POWER makes me a SUPREME JUDGE of the world. I certainly am quite the critical sort, right?

This conversation came on the heels of a conversation I had with a friend not that long ago. There is a murder trial set to happen soon in Marin County. Joseph Naso appears to be a serial killer. They seem to have him dead-to-rights on it. I doubt they'll seek the death penalty, though, seeing as he is 78 years old. His victims likely number more than the four women he is accused of killing.

What if you suspected someone you knew was of a similar ilk? What if you encountered someone with psychic abilities who told you things that fed that belief? What if there were little (and bigger) events or circumstances or feelings or senses that you got that told you someone in your life was not only fully capable of doing evil but likely had? Did Naso's ex-wife ever somehow know but didn't really know and so did nothing about it? Would some of those women still be alive if she had?

You'd sound crazy with absolutely no evidence. Throw in the unexpected encounter with a psychic, regardless that it was in a social setting and she just started telling you things, and you'd sound totally bonkers. Besides getting yourself the hell away, there really isn't anything else you can do. Right? Except hope that 10 or 20 years later it doesn't all turn out to be true and the best you can do is say out loud, "I had no idea," but know inside that's not true.


Tara R. said...

Would SUPERJUDGE be akin to being able to tell when someone is lying. That's a superpower I'd like to have.

Anonymous said...

YOU are one of the few people I would trust to be Super Judge of the Universe (if we're talking super powers, why not think really big?).

As for ridiculing FLYING -- that is precisely what super power I'd pick -- I am almost never happier than when I wake from a dream where I've been flying. And think how that would cut down my commute (and road rage)!


S said...

reading minds like a tweet stream...


Patois42 said...

Oh, Sarah, he's a funny one, my husband.


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