Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kayla Rose and Grace

This is a girl I have never met.
I do not know her family. I first heard of her family when I read a very funny story on a local Patch site which included a picture of her father and the lengths he went to as coach of her recreational soccer team. This is a picture of him.

Within a month of reading that story, I learned about the story of Kayla Rose and her very recent cancer diagnosis.

She is currently undergoing treatment at St. Jude's. Her mom and dad and younger brother are all with her in Memphis right now. Her mom is keeping locals apprised of what's happening at her blog, Curing Kayla Rose. Many fundraisers are going on back home as people who know and love her -- and people who don't know her -- do their best to ease the family's financial strain while their physical and emotional strain is surely bursting at the seams.

I don't know her at all. But I do know that there but for the grace of God or Budhha or the Fates or the Big Bang go me and mine. 

Last week, the school she attends held a coin drive. It occurred to me, remembering how I first heard of Kayla and her Angry Bird dad, that this Sunday's soccer Jamboree would be as good a place as any to collect for them. So I'll be at the high school turf on Sunday for a couple of hours as the kids warm up for the looming soccer season, and I'll be shaking down everyone who comes in, asking them to shake loose their change, whether they know her or not.

[Top photo courtesy the Curing Kayla Rose blog; bottom photo courtesy Nicole Choi.]


CrAzY Working Mom said...

Good for you!

Wishing you lots of luck. :D

Nicole said...

Oh, Patty you are a much better poster than I am. We should join together! I am a terrible facebooker but keeping up on it for the Dehnerts.
Thank you for helping. It means alot!

Nicole Choi

Patois42 said...

Nicole, you're busy focusing on getting things done. I am far more in awe of what you're doing.

Kayla Rose's Mommy said...

Denny and I thank you very much. It's an unimaginable journey. One NO family should ever face....

The Print Blog said...

That is a very noble act you will be doing. I wish you the best of luck. Keep your fans posted on the outcome.


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