Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Select Soccer Saga with a Side of Selfishness

There are enough boys trying out for the U11 select squad that the league will likely be fielding three teams of 11 (or 12) each.

There are about 25 boys trying out for the U12 select squad which will leave the league being able to field only one team of 16 (or 17). The difference in numbers on a team relate to the increase to 11-a-side in this age bracket and the playing on larger fields.

Youngest should be playing on U11, but the team he'd make would be comprised of those same boys (and the same horrid parents including the motherfucker ex-coach) whom we fled last year. So Youngest played last year with many of the boys trying out for the U12 team. All of those boys are coming back and trying out, as are the boys who had been on the "A" team who weren't, in fact, over age.

Succinctly: There's room for Youngest within his age group. There is only room in the age group above if another kid who could make the team is bumped in favor of giving my age-inappropriate son the spot.

Pete in particular is firm that Youngest will not play with the U11 boys: the insular group of many snots were individually mean to Youngest; the insular group of many snotty parents were individually and collectively pricks; and the reason Youngest had to leave last year was because of those snotty parents and motherfucker now ex-coach (who remains with the team as a parent) conspiring to kick the newest kid off the team so their precious evil offspring would have more playtime.

Although I, too, see it as a non-starter, having Youngest on that U11 team, I would kind of get a perverse pleasure of being a thorn in their midst each and every game, especially if some of the boys got rightfully knocked down to the B team. Really, my heart races at the thought of being in their faces, complaining with loud disdain when they inevitably get out of hand and embarrass the lot of us with their challenges to referee calls and their screaming at their kids in the face of looming loss.

It's not official yet, that Youngest won't be allowed to play with the U12 boys; however, we are not stoopid people. We get it. We see the numbers. We can do math without the use of a calculator. We are bracing ourselves for it, and we have drawn a line in the sand: he plays with the U12 boys or we have him try out for the league to the north. That demand, of course, leaves me feeling selfish: Youngest winning a spot on that team leaves someone of that age group without one. And then I get pissed all over again that the league has put us in this quandary. The league knew there were problems with that coach. The league knew they shouldn't have let him have a third year. The league knew how out of control some of those parents were.

But it's Youngest who keeps paying the price.


Tara R. said...

I hate this for Youngest. When will these snotty parents finally realize it's about the kids and not them?

Anonymous said...

Tara: These parents never will. The real sadness is that they are raising their kids to be just as snotty and self-centered as they are. Ginny (Patty's sister)


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