Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why, Indeed

I've been blogging for more than five years. I don't imagine how anyone, particularly someone who could so easily fall into the mommyblogger category, could be blogging more than six months in the past five years and not have come to know of Susan Niebur. Her name is synonymous with the WhyMommy moniker.


She died yesterday, leaving behind her two little boys and a husband, not to mention, of course, an extended family IRL and legions of friends and admirers and supporters and rooting onlookers from around the country. She was a brilliant woman -- an astrophysicist, for God's sake, a word I can barely spell let alone describe -- and she was a fighter, refusing to give Inflammatory Breast Cancer an easy win and letting it take her away from her sons that much earlier.

We as a society spend far too much time mourning the passing of well known people whom we really don't know at all and who have honestly contributed little to the betterment of others. [I'll leave you to fill in your own dead celebrity du jour. I've got several in mind.] And not enough of us mourn the loss of the really good ones out there who have fought for their children, for their husbands, for the many others who could be affected by such insidious diseases, and, yes, for their own lives.

We'll never be able to give a child a proper answer as to "Why Mommy?" in the face of mommy's cancer and death, but maybe we can give a little so there is one less child wondering that. Go give to the IBC Research Foundation today, and give in Susan's name.


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