Friday, March 23, 2012

The Buffoonery of Trustees

Buffoonery. It's not the Board of Trustees. It's the Buffoonery of Trustees. Those of us watching it unfold LIVE and IN PERSON were howling at the ineptitude, particularly of the Buffoonery President. Those watching at home were texting me and posting on their Facebook streams the inanity of it all.

I turned to the sage beside me and asked her if they were even allowed to be voting on what they were trying to vote on. She noted that if the Board wasn't allowed to accept, reject or change staff recommendations, why do we even need a Board? Heh. Why, indeed.

At the last minute, with the Buffoonery President throwing in the bomb(shell), the Buffoonery of Trustees was determining whether to allow incoming kindergarten siblings of students currently on a transfer to their elementary school to be "grandfathered" in. The greatest impact is, of course, at the by-lottery school all of my kids attended and Youngest still attends.

It's all too local to have any resonance with those of you reading from afar. But it's a case study in how local elected officials are, generally speaking, a lot like the Three Stooges. The only thing missing are the pies.

With little thought to the implications of making such a last-minute change -- what about existing Board policy; what about incoming middle school and high school siblings of transfer students; what about actually thinking about what the recommendations were? -- the change went through, 4-3. That vote? That's the first vote I've ever seen that wasn't 7-0, which means, for once, the Buffoons were not browbeaten into unanimity. Kudos to the three who stood up and were counted.

Don't take this to mean that I am against the change. I actually think it's something we could have justified doing long ago. But what about the policy that move strictly goes against? What good are policies if the Buffoons of Trustees can change it in a Hail Mary pass three hours into a Buffoonery meeting? That I take issue with.

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