Monday, March 19, 2012

Fighting Lions

Leave it to a Welshwoman to provide such insights into the dream. Is it any wonder I've got a Welsh flag hanging proudly at the front of my house? Is it any wonder Pete and I have been claiming to be Welsh for a couple of years now? From my very good friend whom I have never met but whom, someday, I shall have the pleasure of meeting whilst on one of our biannual sojourns to Wales, I give you this interpretation of the dream I wrote about yesterday.

Okay, you asked for it, here's my two pennorth.

The Jungian attitude to dream interpretation is all to do with symbols/archetypes and the feelings that these symbols provoke within us.
A lion has all the usual connotations of royalty, power, majesty etc but they are also one of the most fearsome beasts of prey and ancient horrific execution methods (being thrown to the lions type of thing) 
So how do you feel about lions? What do they mean to you? Were you scared in the dream or did you feel insulated from emotion?

Secondly: who were these people? How did you feel when they ran? Were you concerned?

People in a dream normally indicate some part of ourselves and this is usually connected to achetypes. 
For example, if we dream of an old teacher, it doesn't mean that we are concerned about them as a person but perhaps have an issue with authority or feel as if we need to learn something from our current situation.
So it depends on what you feel about the people in your dream that indicates how you want to interpret it.

Dreams are of course a way of our subconcious mind communicating something to our concious mind. What is bothering you *really*. The school thing is obviously on your mind and it might be the most obvious consideration. But there are other things that are on your mind that only you know about. And these things go beneath the obvious, to something that only you can access.

Going on the obvious for the now. There is a problem which looks intimidating enough all on its own. But behind it is an even bigger problem which brings an even greater power to bear.
The situation looks threatening. A choice is required: to run or face the problem, not knowing what outcome that choice might have. 
You choose to face lions. Which - after years of reading your blog and feeling as if I have at least come to know you a little bit - I might take the liberty to say, is of a piece :o)

I hope this sheds some light on the matter. 

And then my response to Sian:

I'm stunned. I knew I "knew" some very cool people. Dream interpreter? Wow! Okay, how I feel about lions: I was scared to death. I have no recall now who those two people were, but I definitely knew them at the time. (I truly almost never remember dreams, so I'm not surprised that I don't know who those two were.) One took off immediately and one tried to ponder the situation before also leaving (pretty quickly nonetheless).

So those people are very likely part of me? Damn, I wish I knew who they were. The waverer was tall and thin, but that's all I've got.

Now I have to look and figure out if it is, in fact, the schools swirling all around me or if it's something else I'm dealing with. Lots of work stressors (sp?), for sure. Not much of anything else, though, and I typically thrive on the work crap (even as I bitch and moan about it).

I thank you. This was enlightening. Do you mind if I post it as a comment on the blog? I don't have to indicate it was you.

Wow. You're brilliant, yeah? 

And the final back from Sian:

The fact that you don't usually remember dreams makes a good vivid dream like this all the more significant.
I had to say that first off. I will get to the goshshucks bit later.

Okay, I am going to go out on a limb here. The fact that there were three people is probably also significant. Three is a special number in many cultures - third time a charm, three wishes, three sisters (or brothers) in a fairy tale etc etc. It is also significant spiritually, the trinity being the most obvious to my mind set but there is also numerological implications there too (I am not into numerology myself but it is worth investigating in this instance I think). 

Perhaps the three people in your dream could be 1.the emotional/ instinctive part of you 2.the logical and 3. the physical?
The instinct in most of us when faced with danger is to run, to protect oneself, particularly if it is a fight you can't win...the logical tries to figure out a solution, can't figure it and runs away too but the physical stands and sees what comes. Of course, re-arrange the people and their characteristics to suit yourself. You know best after all :o).

I confess, I have not undertood much of your school problems because our system is very different so your teminology goes right past me. But it is very very clear that this is something that you feel tremendously strongly about and I think you have been writing about this for something close to two years now. It also sounds as though things are coming to a head...and are you thinking of moving due to this problem? How do you feel about that? Is it a rational solution logically but do you sub-consciously feel as though you are really 'running away'?

Can you see how sticky it all gets? Pulling apart a dream is very interesting, but it is best done over a cup of tea and some cake in the cold light of day. If you have a friend who is spiritual at all, or has some kind of heart wisdom... (you write with great affection of your Asian friends and they sound like wise people who know you well. Consider talking to them.) But in the end, try not to worry about it. It is you trying to talk to yourself afterall and you will get there in the end.

I have always enjoyed having a go at interpreting dreams. But remember that is all this is...a go and that's it. You know yourself best. Chat with Pete about it too. A northern lad must have more than a grain of sense after all :o)

Feel free to put this as a blog comment, I don't mind. It might open up a debate and the more opinions you get the more there is for you to take into consideration, which is a good thing sometimes.

And I have thought you brilliant for a long time m'dear.

Take care, be gentle with yourself, try not to worry. 

Wow, right? I mean, wow! These are one of these moments where, sure, I'm happy to have the input but, even more than that, I'm so happy that I have been hanging out for close to six years now online with such amazing people. Amazing. Add to this Tara's and Josie's and Jocelyn's comments, and how blessed I am to "know" such people.

Now, off to slay some lions.

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