Friday, March 30, 2012

"I've Had it With You," says a School Board Member to a Parent

What brought to mind that email foible fable I spoke of last week?

I was extremely ticked about how the "announcement" that the principal at the middle school would not be coming back next year was made. The process of evaluating the superintendent was starting in a closed board session in another day, so I sent a scathing email to the seven Board of Trustees detailing the extremely poor handling of the situation.

As you conduct your closed meeting tomorrow, please keep in mind that the superintendent, by her own admission, permitted an assistant principal to start telling parents of prospective students that the current principal would not be returning to MIDDLE SCHOOL next year. Parents of current students at the school had not been told. It is quite possible that the principal herself had not been contacted and informed either that the superintendent had allowed this information to trickle out or that staff had been gathered and informed.

And collectively, as a district, there is no intention of sending out any announcement to the parent community at this time. Instead, the director of human resources came to a PTA meeting to inform those present that, yes, in fact, there will be a leadership change. Someone at the district attended at the request of the PTA.

In what possible environment are these actions acceptable? I am stunned. I am, nearly, speechless. The actions of the superintendent are inexcusable. And for the district to now fall back on not having "legal authority" or "permission" to put something in writing is beyond belief. Particularly when the superintendent herself has, according to both her and the HR director, ignited a rumor mill on a school tour of people deciding whether their children should attend MIDDLE SCHOOL, pray for a transfer to OTHER MIDDLE SCHOOL, or go private. Thank you for allowing the poisoning of another middle school my daughter attends.

I'd like to say that I trust this matter will be swiftly investigated, but I have no expectations of that. It is appalling what you allow to have happen in that district office. It is appalling that everyone will now be saying "it's a personnel matter so we can't discuss it" and yet no one uttered that statement for a large window of time Thursday.

Do you know what the Board President did? She replied to me with this:

I have had it with this person
Thought you should see this.....sorry 

Sent from my iPhone

You get that, right? She thought she was forwarding the email to the superintendent but instead she replied to me.

So, naturally, I replied back with:

Cindi, did you mean to send this to me?


To which, nanoseconds later, the Board President replied to me with this:

Please give me a call I think we should talk. 


Sent from my iPhone

To which, I did not reply. And so, 15 minutes later, the Board President sent me another email:

Today is one of those bad days for me. Would like to chat 

Sent from my iPhone

To which, I still did not reply. And so, 30 minutes later, the Board President sent me her final email on the subject:

Oh my, thought I was forwarding a different email to a fellow trustee
Still would like to chat when you have time

Sent from my iPhone

So, dear readers, what do you think the best course of action is to take? I mean, let's say it like it is. She's had it with me. (Hey, rightfully so, if I had some person constantly being critical of what I do and what people who purportedly work for me do, I'd hate that person, too.) But, really, is that the way for a Board President to act? Put in writing, using school district resources, to note that? And not bothering to look into my allegations at all, but just blindly forwarding it to the person I'm complaining about (or at least trying to forward it)? And then, in the end, lying about the email she sent me?

Is that proper behavior? You tell me.


Patois42 said...

For the record. That is not her phone number. You know what number it is, right? "Jenny, I've got your number..."

Tara R. said...

I did have to laugh a little at this. Karma can bite you on the arse.


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