Thursday, March 15, 2012

Middle School Angst

This time, it's for the principal. You know, the principal whose praises I've sung for the past few years? The one who was at the middle school they closed last year which forced Daughter to move to another middle school for 8th grade? The one who, thank God, was made principal at the school Daughter was sent to?

She's leaving at the end of this school year. Only the thing is? The assistant principal started telling parents of prospective students on a tour of the middle school this morning. That would be the assistant principal "in charge" while the principal had to unexpectedly leave town due to a family illness. That would be the assistant principal telling people with kids who don't yet attend the school.

Did I mention that no one thought to tell those of us with kids in the school? Did I mention that we aren't even sure if the principal knows the cat is out of the bag? Did I mention that the HR director -- you remember her from last year, right -- slipped up and confirmed that the principal doesn't know we all know?

Did I mention the school district isn't going to put out a written communication about this "at this time"? Did I mention that they'll definitely put something out in writing "within a week"? Did I mention the school district sent that HR director to the PTA meeting to confirm for those in attendance that the principal won't be returning next year?

Did I mention that only at my suggestion, and only then with forceful support from a handful of other parents, that the PTA is at least going to send something out to parents tonight because, duh, someone should, God forbid, COMMUNICATE?

Did I mention my conversation with the superintendent about all this? It happened at about 3:40 this afternoon. And it was enlightening. Enlightening. And probably one she'd take back in an instant.

Did I mention how much I love the principal?

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