Monday, March 26, 2012

My Own Ralphie

"There's been a serious accident," Eldest says to me as he knocks on the bathroom door while I'm drying my hair.

I whip the door open, and he says, "Daughter's been shot in the arm with a bb. It's bleeding pretty badly. I cleaned her up. She's crying."

He is telling me all this as I am making my way down the stairs to where four kids stand, one in hysterics, another with tears streaming, a third looking down and the fourth taking it all in. The first two are my two youngest. The other two are friends who had a sleepover Saturday night.

She is fine, Daughter. Nearly 24 hours later, her arm is wrapped in special tape, the wound piled high with antibiotic cream (NOW WITH PAIN RELIEF!) and gauze. Quite soon after being shot, she was already plotting the excuse note I would write to get her out of P.E. The bb, as near as we can tell, isn't still lodged in her arm. And if it is, at least we can be thankful that all three kids have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Or maybe not so thankful because, boy, I'm looking forward to explaining to everyone how this happened.

The two girls, 12 and 13, have their own YouTube channel on which they post silly videos. When together, they always have Youngest in the video as well. The elaborate scripts are hilarious. If, you know, you're a very youngish 13-year-old girl. They wrote in the use of a gun. Now, Youngest knows the rules of the gun. Everyone does. But apparently rules are made to be broken, not unlike skin is made to be broken. Heh.

Why the air soft gun instead of one of the many Nerf or wooden or laser tag guns? Because the air soft gun looks mighty realistic. And, in silly YouTube videos posted by silly people, realism counts.

And realism is what I encounter when I come upon the scene in the hallway with those four kids: Daughter is in hysterics and is glaring at Youngest and is bleeding through the bandage applied by Eldest. I look at Youngest and he bursts into tears as well. So I know Youngest is the culprit.

I know he is the culprit until his friend also bursts into tears. He was the one who shot Daughter. Youngest's tears are in anticipation of the trouble he is going to get into for taking the gun out and not shooting at cans in the backyard, the only thing he is allowed to do with that gun.

So much for ever showering again when kids are at home and Pete is out of town.

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Josie Two Shoes said...

Isn't the timing amazing on such things?! It seems that mothers are never allowed more than ten minutes out of sight or all hell breaks loose! Had to laugh at the scene of carnage, though I'm glad no one got seriously injured. My son also had a few misadventures with his bb gun, despite the house rules. When we moved, he got to dig the bb's out of his bedroom wall and and patch the holes! :-)

Josie Two Shoes said...

Come and play a round of One Question Wednesday with us... you'll find it's post on my blog, and it's fun! :-)


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